iPhone 14 Pro Max competes with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in drop test

The authors of the PhoneBuff YouTube channel verified Apple's claim that the Ceramic Shield is

the most durable in the world.

What is known

The iPhone 14 Pro Max took part in the drop test, andit competed with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. These are the top smartphones of the two companies, if we take out the Galaxy Fold 4 model, which is equipped with a foldable display.

After the first drop from a height of 1.5 m iPhone 14Pro Max suffered more than the flagship of the South Korean company. There are more cracks on the back of Apple's new product than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Moreover, the protective glass of one of the main camera modules was damaged, but the functionality was preserved.

An angled drop made things worse for the iPhone 14 ProMax, because the glass on the back has started to crumble. There were dents in the frame of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but this did not affect the condition of the protective glass. Finally, the third fall, "face" down, led to the fact that the front windows were broken in both flagships. But this did not affect the operation of smartphones.