IPhone 2019 may have reverse wireless charging

According to new rumors, the 2019 iPhone will have reverse wireless charging, and new models will come with

go 18W USB-C power adapter. The smartphones themselves will still have a Lightning connector.

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Reverse charging means that from iPhone 11 you canIt would charge AirPods and Apple Watch. Huawei and Samsung have already used this feature on their smartphones. Other smartphones to charge with it is impractical, but for charging accessories it is very convenient.

As for the 18W USB-C adapter, last yearit was also rumored that it would be bundled with the iPhone 2018, but this did not happen. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the 5 W USB-A adapter will remain with the iPhone 2019 models.

18W USB-C adapter could charge the smartphonehalf in just 30 minutes. Apple has already released the iPad Pro 2018, complete with a USB-C adapter and a USB-C adapter - Lightning. Fast charging on the iPhone appeared in 2017 with the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, but smartphones still came bundled with a 5 watt power adapter, which charges them as much as three hours.

We would advise to take these rumors with a skepticism, because last year was the same.