IPhone 2019 models can have triple triangle cameras.

At least one of the three new 2019 iPhone models may haveThere will be three main cameras located in the shape

A photo of one of the details that confirms this information has been leaked to the network.

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If the photograph is real, then on it we see a metal frame with holes for three cameras. Rumors that the iPhone 2019 will have triple cameras have been around for quite a while.

The network has already got several renderings of the alleged iPhone 2019 with three cameras, a flash and a microphone on a protruding square panel.

Apple is not the first company to launch a smartphone with three cameras. Triple cameras have the Galaxy S10 and LG smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy A9 and Huawei Mate have four main cameras each.

However, the information can not be verified,so the photo may be genuine. Or it’s not the final design, and it will be changed. Recently, the same source published a photo of a Motorola smartphone with four cameras.

But why stop at four cameras? The Nokia smartphone, which has not yet been released, may have as many as five main cameras. Below you can watch the video with a unique smartphone. All five cameras take a picture at the same time, and then combine the frames into one image of incredibly high quality.

Rumors about the iPhone with three cameras appeared inApril 2018, and since then they have been confirmed by such famous publications as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. The third camera may be wide-angle or with a wider optical zoom.

Render an iPhone with three cameras above looks much more believable, agree?