iPhone 2019: Reverse Wireless Charging, 18W USB-C Adapter and Lightning Connector?

The new iPhone models will be released in 2019 and may have the same convenient function as on the Galaxy S10.

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The website has information that the new iPhone can support reverse wireless charging, i.e. It will be possible to charge accessories such as Apple Watch and AirPods.

Even before the presentation of the Galaxy S10 analyst Ming-ChiKuo said that on the iPhone 2019 there will be a wireless reverse charge, as well as a more powerful battery. He also said that the Lightning connector will remain on smartphones. However, the 18 W power adapter can be bundled with the new models.

Here’s how the PowerShare feature on the Samsung Galaxy S10 works:


Now the 18 W power adapter comes bundled only with the iPad Pro 2018. You can also buy it separately. The adapter supports the “USB Power Delivery” standard, and therefore fast charging.

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If you believe the rumors, the owners of the new iPhone will be able to charge them half in just 30 minutes using the new adapter and Lightning cable - USB-C.

18W USB-C power adapter included with iPad Pro 2018.

In order to use fast charging with iPhone 8 and newer, as well as iPad Pro, you need to additionally buy a Lightning cable - USB-C and a USB-C power adapter.

Reverse wireless charging function wouldvery comfortable. With it, you could charge your smart watch or wireless headphones on the go. On the other hand, it will consume even more charging your iPhone, so the company simply must use more powerful batteries.

The 2019 models will have 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5-inch displays, which means they will look like the current iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.