IPhone 2019 still has a Lightning connector

This year
new iPhone models are still not
will receive a USB-C connector. According to information from Japan,
New models will retain the Lightning connector.

will still come complete with a small 5 Watt power adapter and wired
EarPods headphones. Information
came from a reliable source, so it may well be true.

The source reports that Apple made the decision to save money. Previous rumors have argued that the iPhone 2019 will have a USB-C connector.

With another
On the other hand, a USB-C connector on new iPhones would increase their cost, which is not
It would be good for the company.

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use fast charging iPhone or iPad

users will be satisfied with a 5 W adapter and the absence of a USB-C connector, since
they are already accustomed to the Lightning connector ecosystem. However, those who would like
use fast charging at no extra cost will be disappointed.

You still
you will have to spend extra money to buy a USB Power Delivery charger and a Lightning to USB-C cable.

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USB-C devices for fast charging of iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPad Pro

Finding a quality, inexpensive USB-C adapter is not difficult. Apple
has finally allowed third-party manufacturers to produce Lightning to USB-C cables, so they are also available in a wide variety.

that with the help of fast charging, the smartphone is charged from zero to 50% in just 30
minutes. It requires a power adapter of at least 8 W. Older models can also be charged using iPad adapters.