IPhone 2020 may have OLED panels of Chinese company BOE

Information has appeared on the network that some 2020 iPhones may have OLED panels for the first time from Chinese


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Now most of the OLED panels for Applemanufactured by Samsung. Sometimes LG also deals with deliveries. However, in 2020, Apple may turn to another supplier to reduce its dependence on Samsung. This was told by an analyst from South Korea. He believes that the Chinese company BOE will begin to supply OLED panels for future iPhones.

According to the report, BOE will supplyeven more panels than LG. Until Samsung deliveries will not reach, so that the company will remain the main supplier of Apple. However, in 2021, competition between BOE and Samsung will increase.

According to Korean news reports, OLED panelsBOE companies will compete strongly with Samsung in the next two years. BOE will begin shipping panels for Apple in 2020. In 2021, the company will supply 45 million OLED panels for the iPhone. Samsung will retain the position of the main supplier, but the number of orders will decrease. Recall that the company was the main supplier for Apple in 2017.

BOE and Apple are not strangers. The company supplies LCD displays for the MacBook and iPad. Moreover, the company has been doing this for years. Back in 2017, there were rumors that Apple would purchase AMOLED displays from BOE for future iPhones, but this never happened.

Last July, they also said that BOE plans to become the main supplier of OLED panels for Apple. Perhaps in 2020 this will really happen.