IPhone 2020 will have a reduced notch, and a small version of HomePod will be released this year

Apple has dramatically changed the design of its smartphones with the release of the iPhone X. The company got rid of the wide frames around

screen and added a “notch” to it. Since then, everyone has been waiting for Apple to make this notch smaller.

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iPhone 12 may be the first smartphone withreduced notch. Everyone would like Apple to gradually reduce the notch with the frames until they completely disappear. However, the problem is that there is a TrueDepth camera with different sensors for Face ID in the recess. Therefore, the company will have to improve Face ID technology as well.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has already taken up this, andthe notch on iPhone 12 with 5G models will be smaller. The report said that the company will do the same as with the new iPad Pro models. Smartphones will have flat stainless steel edges.

Bloomberg also writes that, in the extreme world, two expensive iPhone 12 models will have “flat screens,” like the iPhone 5:



The heir to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max inThis year it will be released along with two more budget models that will replace the iPhone 11. At least two expensive models will have flat stainless steel edges, rather than smooth rounded ones, as now. The design of the new smartphones will resemble ‌iPhone‌ 5. They will have a flat screen, rather than streamlined edges, like current models.

The report also said that the iPhone 12 models will have a LiDAR sensor. Most likely, only for expensive models.

In addition, Apple may delay the release of iPhone 12for a few weeks. The company still plans to release new smartphones in the fall, but not all four models may be released in September. This is consistent with previous rumors that the new iPhone will be released in October or November.

Apple is also working on a small and cheap version of the HomePod column, which will be released before the end of 2020. AirTag will also be released this year.