iPhone 6 caught fire in the hands of an 11-year-old girl

In California, an iPhone 6 smartphone caught fire right in the hands of 11-year-old Kayla Ramos.

What happened


said that she was watching videos on YouTube at that moment. Suddenly she saw sparks and threw her smartphone on the bed.

“I was sitting and I had the phone in my hand, and then I saw sparks flying everywhere and I just threw it on the blanket,” the girl said.

The iPhone burned holes in the blanket that was on the bed. But Kayla herself, fortunately, was not hurt. But the smartphone burned completely.

Kayla's mom contacted Apple support, and then the service center. She was given a new smartphone and promised to find out the cause of the fire. Apple itself has not yet commented on what happened.

The woman claims that the iPhone had not been repaired before, and no third-party charging cables were used, so what could have led to the fire is still unknown.