IPhone 8 3D scanner supports Apple Pay, recognizes several faces and works in third-party applications

Brazilian iOS developer Guillermo Rambo has found additional information about 3D face scanning technology

on iPhone 8 in the HomePod update.

Previously reported that the technology willsupport Apple Pay. “Pearl ID” or “Face ID” will also work in third-party applications, and will also be able to recognize several faces, as well as Touch ID, which recognizes up to five prints.



Recognizing multiple faces may be erroneous. AppleInsider:

"Rambo discovered the following line of code aboutsystem security "canPerformMultiBiometrics". It’s hard to say exactly what the term “MultiBiometrics” means, but the HomePod update says nothing more about it.

Some people think the code points toiPhone 8's ability to recognize the faces of multiple users. However, given Apple’s approach to security, you should not rely on the integration of multiple users. The company sees the iPhone as a purely personal device. iOS is designed to work with multiple users only in exceptional cases. For example, the iPad in schools. ”

According to the line of code “CAMCaptureCapabilities”, where “FrontPearl” and “BackPearl” are indicated, 3D scanning should work on both the front and the main camera.



Guillermo found out that technology supportsApple Pay payments, which means it will be as reliable as Touch ID, otherwise banks would not have trusted Apple. In addition, the code mentions two-factor biometric authentication, which KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talked about back in January.

Earlier, Bloomberg wrote thatCupertino, a technology giant, is testing eye scans as an optional face recognition feature. According to Mark Garman, the new 3D sensor is able to scan a user's face in a few hundred milliseconds and works better than a fingerprint scanner, which makes it even more reliable.

Moreover, the sensor should work perfectly in poorly lit places.



Garman writes: “For the new iPhone, which will go on sale later this year, Apple is testing an improved security system that will allow the user to log in, make payments and launch applications by scanning his face.”

Diode with infrared laser (invisibleto the naked eye) will act perpendicular to the surface of the display. This will allow the phone to recognize the face from different angles, even when lying on a flat surface.

In other words, you just have to take a look atyour iPhone 8 to unlock it, and not use Touch ID or enter a password. In addition, the sensor will mute the notification sound when the user looks at the screen.