iPhone and Apple Watch: a real medical lab

For new generations of its gadgets, Apple is creating more and more advanced applications that are designed to

monitor the owner's health.The Health application will be complemented by many different new functions that will turn the company’s smartphone and smartwatch into even more advanced devices that monitor human health parameters. These wearable medical labs will offer what matters most to users today. For Apple, this is some kind of obsessive trend - huge attention to the health of its clients (customers). iOS 13 will receive an additional tool that will take care of the owner’s health.

New design, new items

Health app start or main screenwill be significantly reworked, and will be different from that in the current version. When you open the application will display the main indicators of health, as well as those that the user often requests. In general, the amount of important information on the start page will increase. Also, an additional section will appear in which all data from all sensors and processed analytical calculations will be accumulated and displayed. In another section (summary) the application will show the dynamics of changes in indicators during the day. Information will be about everything, from how many steps were taken to heart rate indicators at different times of the day. In the "highlights" the application will give practical calculations, a full interpretation of all indicators. After all, most people do not understand what each number means, whether it is good or not, what the dynamics of indicators should be. Here is the application and will prompt what each indicator means.

How do you hear?

Also a new version will get a smart function.checking the hearing, the gadget will analyze the volume of the music, talk, and determine how well the ear of the owner. The application will monitor all the sound gains, how often the user sets 80 decibels (level, border, can damage hearing). From time to time, the application will remind you that too loud music is not very healthy, and that you shouldn’t keep headphones in active mode for more than 40 weekly hours. A too loud music can not listen for more than 4 hours during the week.

Women Health

Today to monitor women's health, cyclesand so on, you need to install third-party applications. But in the new generation of iOS, this function will be defaulted. After a simple setup and the introduction of the required data, the application will constantly remind the user when and what soon needs to be done when the date of the cycle change. Also, the application will record the various symptoms on the basis of which will make recommendations. These data can be sent to your doctor for further analysis.

Changes will obviously benefit bothapplication, and owners, as significantly increase the efficiency of devices from Apple. A smartphone in conjunction with a smart watch is really turning into a wearable medical laboratory, which is able to track a variety of health indicators in conditions that are inaccessible to medical centers. Of course, it is very difficult to beat Fitbit, but the chosen direction, without a doubt, is a step forward. In addition, for physicians, for science, all this vast array of data, according to experts, opens up broad opportunities for research. The scale of such studies will be many times larger, which can give results that are not available for traditional research experiments of a smaller scale.