IPhone FM Radio Apps

There are times when you want to listen to regular radio on your iPhone. You may be tired of your old songs and

playlists, or so you just find new music for yourself.

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In addition, not only music is broadcast on the radio, but also news, programs, etc. Radio is not a standard feature on the iPhone, so the only way is to use the app.

Below we have compiled for you the best applications with which you can listen to the radio on your iPhone.


Find stations in iHeartRadioby location and by genre of music. You can save your favorite stations and quickly access them. The application also has podcasts, the ability to create playlists and a search function.

Download iHeartRadio for free, and with in-app purchases you can unlock more features.

Tunein radio

TuneIn Radio is another great app. Here you can find stations not only by location, but also by subject: music, sports, news, conversations. You can save your favorite stations for quick access. You can also listen to news about specific events or your favorite sports teams. Podcasts can also be found by topic.

Download TuneIn Radio for free and buy a premium subscription if you wish.

Simple radio

Simple Radio is a simple application. Opening it, you will see the recommended location stations. Favorite can be saved. There is a search function, as well as the division of stations by genre.

Download Simple Radio for free or buy the paid version without ads and with a sleep timer.

Radio fm

Want to listen to radio stations from around the world? In the Radio FM application, you can select a country and access its stations. There is a search with filters by frequency, location, genre, etc. You can also browse recommended and save your favorite stations.

Download Radio FM for free.

Radio Applications

The above apps are great,if you like listening to different radio stations. However, if you have one favorite station, you can search its application in the App Store. Just enter the frequency or station name in the App Store search.

Web player

Many radio stations have web players on their sites. You can open the site of your favorite station on your iPhone and enjoy music.

We hope this article was helpful to you!