iPhone is no longer a cult? IPhone 11 went quietly

In the Russian Federation on September 20, the launch of a new generation of smartphones from the Cupertino company iPhone 11 took place.

compare the current event with previous years,then we can briefly describe it as the end of the hype. Past launches were accompanied by crushes, almost scandals, and huge, hours-long queues. But now everything is different, the first buyers didn’t even have time to stand in line. What happened, did the popularity of iPhones pass?


And it started, as always, in a weektake the queue, on the walls of the ads appeared ads for the sale of the queue, the price for a place was especially amused first - 500 thousand rubles. However, the very first customer in Russia didn’t stand in line at all, he just made a pre-order, and on the day the sales started, he went to the store and received his smartphone. In general, there were more journalists with cameras than buyers themselves.

And not only in the Russian Federation a similar situation, but also inother countries. In Australia (Sydney) The first customer who did not pre-order came to the store in 5 hours, and, by his own admission, he used to have to take the line in three days. Hysteria is becoming less and less, and this is not the first year, even when the eighth generation was being sold, the media already noted that the lineup was much smaller. And people still remember the established tents. In the United States they gathered a couple of weeks before the opening, and in the Moscow GUM on the day of the start of the seventh iPhone there was a terrible crush.

No more megastarts

However, Apple's flagships are of interestlarge, statistics show that the number of pre-orders for the iPhone 11 (Pro version and Max) was three times more than last year, and the affordable iPhone 11 ordered ten times more people than the XR at one time. So, iPhones are still interesting to people, there is not only the previous hype. The launch is now not a universal event, but simply the release of a new good smartphone. And the company itself also had a hand in this. Three years ago, management advised its employees to encourage customers to buy smartphones online, instead of sitting for days at the door of stores. Apple Store did its job, the Internet greatly simplified the purchase procedure

In general, the smartphone has ceased to be a kind of cult,now people do not want to stand in line, only to be the first to touch the longed-for novelty. In addition, the consumer now sees no reason to replace an excellent smartphone with a new model.

Smartphone features

In the United States, half of smartphone users fromApple could not even name the exact model of their iPhone, and almost 90 percent did not imagine that their phone had an NFC module. That is, most people are no longer up to breakthrough technologies, mostly people are interested in the quality of shooting selfies, and playing toys. But this is for fans, the bulk uses only standard applications to watch videos, chat on social networks, watch Netflix streaming, drop photos on Instagram. These applications do not require a smartphone with a powerful processor and super-tech features.

Of course, in this case, the point in spending the night beforeApple Store, since the new smartphone does not carry any magic, only slightly improved performance. Therefore, we see less and less radical changes, because they are not claimed by the majority. The object of worship in the face of the iPhone has disappeared, now it is a solid gadget that you can buy, and for several years not feel deprived.

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