IPhone Model Names May Change

There is information that the well-known and already familiar model names of the most popular smartphone in the world

iPhones will change with the release of a new generationthe whole family. Moreover, the data on this did not come from the company itself, but from the third-party service iPhoneSoft, which refers to the technical documentation of the manufacturer of accessories and cases. These documents already indicate completely different names for Cupertino smartphones.

Pro as a marketing move

If this is true, then a smartphone thatwill replace the iPhone XR will be called iPhone 11, and the model that will replace the iPhone XS will receive the addition of Pro to the name of iPhone 11, XS Max will add an additional Max index to all this, that is, from the "eleventh" it will be Pro Max. In fact, the new system is more logical and understandable, therefore, most likely, the information can be true. The current scheme is not very clear, it is not known by name what step which model, unless you look at the price tags, is difficult to guess. Earlier, one of the sources that regularly publishes leaks on Apple already wrote that the company will soon begin to add the Pro index to the names (perhaps, by analogy with tablets, where the Pro version has become very popular).

This decision is a serious one.Changes in the company's positioning of their smartphones. Now XS is a real "iPhone", that is, it is a smartphone in the spotlight, in the center of the line, most users pay attention to it. But the XR model has become like an iPhone at the minimum, from there is a cheaper option, like other manufacturers version Lite. Most likely, the pathos accumulated over the years haunts Apple, because there should not be any “cheap” lightweight products, therefore, this position will no longer exist in the new generation. The next-generation XR will be renamed 11, and will be the centerpiece of the series. That is, no more budgets, and the rest will receive a solid increase in solidity in the form of the prefix Pro.

What patents?

Meanwhile, the Israeli company Corephotonics,developing solutions for cameras and cameras sued Apple. The lawsuit states that the defendant on his smartphones, instead of his patents and technologies for dual cameras, used (knowingly) other people's patented developments. At the same time, the American company tried to hide its theft, bombarding the patent office with patent applications with similar technologies, in order to refer to them later.

The lawsuit was filed in California, it describesviolation of ten different patents at once, which relate to the deployment schemes of dual-module cameras on mobile devices. In addition, patents in the field of hardware for post-processing images were violated. In the event of a win, the Israeli company Apple will have a hard time, because the range of products that use stolen technology starts from the 7 Plus model and up to the latest flagships.