IPhone quickly discharges on iOS 8.2. How to extend the working time

One of the most sought-after features of Next-Gen iPhones and iPads is “Improved performance from

batteries.“But it seems that with the new features in the new devices, the battery starts to discharge even faster. With the latest firmware update, this problem still persists. With the upgrade to iOS 8.2, many users reported that when new features such as the Health app and the ability to sync with the Apple Watch appeared, their battery started to run out faster. If your iPhone is running fast on iOS 8.2, here are some tips to help you solve this problem.

Turn off fitness tracking

As already mentioned, the Health app canbe the main reason why your iPhone is running low on iOS 8.2. Thus, for starters, you can turn off Fitness Tracking if you are not using it. Follow these steps:



  • Go to the app Settingsscroll down and press Confidentiality
  • Click Movement and fitness
  • Disable Fitness tracking

Disable Location Services

When you turn on the geolocation service, your iDeviceIt will constantly determine your location via GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the nearest communication towers. As you might have guessed, this affects the fast discharge of the iPhone. To disable geolocation services:

  • Run the application Settingsscroll down and press
  • Confidentiality
  • Turn off Geolocation services

Disable zoom

The ability to increase is a pretty useful feature, especially if you have any vision problems. But if you do not use this function, it is better to simply disable it.



  • Run Settingsthen click General
  • Click Universal access
  • In section Vision click on Magnification and disable the option

Disable Auto Brightness

Auto brightness is aimed at preserving yourbatteries. Nevertheless, it is believed that it does not work as it should, but rather only discharges your device faster. Turning Auto Brightness off can help you save battery power. To do this, you need:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then Screen and brightness
  • Disable Auto brightness

Find apps that consume the most power

Some of the installed applications may be too gluttonous. You can check it out. To check which applications use the most power, go to the menu Settings> General> Statistics> Battery usage> then disable or uninstall apps that affect iPhone’s fast discharge.

If you have any other solutions, how to fix the problem of quick discharge iPhone write about it in the comments.