iPhone will get laser AR-cameras, iPad Mini will update

Bloomberg, citing its own sources close to Apple's management, reports that Cupertino

For the new generation of smartphones, the company will prepare advanced 3D cameras with AR (augmented reality) technologies for them.The camera on the back will have a decent range: at a distance of up to five meters, it will bemap the entire environment, create three-dimensional models of the real world.existing iPhone cameras require a distance of no more than half a meter for Face ID to work (this applies to the front camera, the main one does not have such a function).

Laser instead of point projection

The new system is based on a laser module,instead of the current multipoint projection technology. The standard option practically does not work at distances of more than 50 centimeters. However, this will be only one of several innovative technologies that Apple is preparing for new generations of smartphones. They will also add a more efficient processor, improved characteristics of the main camera with powerful tools for pre and post-processing.

A laser camera will allow you to createon iPhone AR objects are much more natural and accurate. A year later, such a camera could become a forerunner for a branded AR-headset. Development has already begun and, to the hearers, the issue will take place after the 20th year. It is noteworthy that the Cupertine was ready to integrate the laser camera into the current generation of the iPhone, but they preferred to pull it a bit with this and put it off until the next generation. Apple is currently working with Sony to test special sensors for the innovative system.

Replacing the XS lineup

This year, Apple is to replace the currentApple's flagship line will offer new smartphones D42D43 (factory code). In addition, there will be an updated XR. The older model will have three main camera modules, the rest will be more advanced double modules. According to the Cupertino, the third module with the sensor will allow you to capture a much larger number of pixels, which will expand the possibilities of scaling, you can even talk about telephoto. It will be more convenient to work with a lot of pixels with advanced software, since it is important to have additional data for image processing. The technology of live photos will also be revised and significantly improved. In the new version it will be possible to cling to the picture six seconds of video

From the hardware change is very interestingInformation on replacing Lightning with a symmetrical USB connector. If you decide to change, then the iPhone will get compatibility with a variety of devices, as well as chargers. As for the design, it is unlikely that the new generation of smartphones will be very different from the current ones, in this regard, the company has a sort of time pressure. The new generation of mobile networks, too, should not wait until 5G will not support the next iPhone.

New iPad mini

In the spring, the company will finally introduce a new version.your compact iPad mini. The main changes are waiting for the hardware stuffing - a powerful processor, new modules of wireless interfaces, a faster drive.