iPhone XI: Underwater Technology

Time is speeding up. And this can be seen even in Apple releases. It would seem that the company’s fresh products have just come out:

new smartphones, new generation of tablets,laptops and computers, and the time for the next releases is about to come. If anything, there is very little time left - about six months. Previously, such expectations were much more difficult. As for the devices themselves, analysts said what they expect from Cupertino in terms of changes in the next generation iPhone line. To begin with, these will be devices with the same diagonals as the current models. That is, there will be a 5.8”, 6.1” model, as well as an XI Max with a 6.4” diagonal.

What's expected

Rumor has it that Apple is going to allsmartphone models equip OLED-matrices, but the analyst said that the company intends to put OLED on only two top versions, the available version will still be with the IPS matrix. In addition, there are no prerequisites to expect in the new iPhone universal port USB-C. For older models, the main camera will become three-module, since the company will install an additional ToF-camera. A technology will automatically determine the depth of the scene and space, it will be an infrared scanner and the function of determining the time of reflection of light from the object. For bokeh effect, this technology is a plus, but most importantly, the iPhone will be able to offer more opportunities in terms of using augmented reality.

Underwater photography?

In addition to more powerful processors, morethe new iphone is waiting for the new memory and new technologies. It became known that the iPhone XI, in 2019, could get a proprietary mode, which the company patented, for underwater photography, and in general, for underwater use. That is, the touchscreen and all other functions will work under immersion conditions. This means that even if the user does not swim with the smartphone, he can use it safely under the pouring rain. The display will accurately recognize all touches, distinguishing the user's hand from water droplets.

Tactile communication

Apple also plans to seriously upgradeHaptic Engine. Future iPhones will receive haptic communication technology, which will distinguish zones on the screen that are pressed, they will create feedback (vibration) only in this zone. This is an interesting experience of interaction, because some programs need similar solutions.

Of course, iOS will be installed as the OS.13, and perhaps there will already be a new dark theme, as expected by users. Although, it can happen with the first update 13.1. The idea of ​​a dark theme is really interesting and useful, it saves energy, eyes get tired less when used in the dark, and others at this time will not be annoyed. To do this, in principle, is easy, but now the company wants to draw time.

Be sure that the Cupertinians are probing the topic fromfolding smartphones and flexible screens. Today, it is not yet clear whether this topic will take off in reality, because today there are still a lot of technical difficulties in implementing such a form factor. A year later, Apple will have devices that support mobile networks of the fifth generation.

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