Iphone XR Review

iPhone XR - First Impressions

When the iPhone X and the latest iPhone XS are too small for us, and the XS MAX is too big, Apple

There is a new offer for us. This is an iPhone XR with a 6.1-inch display.

The XR has a liquid crystal screen instead.Apple-referenced OLED screen - Liquid Retina HD. This screen has a lower resolution and does not support 3D Touch. Another difference is the other (less durable) glass on the back of the case (as in X). The XR has one camera at the back, so it doesn’t offer us optical zoom. The XR is waterproof, but it supports another, weaker IP67 standard (i.e., for example, X). The XR also has a slower LTE modem, but has a 128 GB version (except 64 and 256).

However, it should be remembered that the iPhone XR in tests of foreign sites is compared, for example, with Pixel 3, and so on. That means one thing - XR is the flagship from the top shelf.
Of course, this does not interfere with the online hatermix it with dirt, because, for example, it has “LCD syphilis” or “ONLY one camera in 2018”. Of course, everyone also complains about his “thieves'” price.
However, this does not change the fact that the iPhone XR is currently one of the best smartphones in the world, which competes in the market directly with the iPhone from the latest XS series,

The main advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone iPhone XR
The fastest mobile processor Bionic A12
The best (fastest and stable) mobile iOS system
Waterproof case
Excellent photo quality
Excellent video quality
Best ecosystem
Updated migration from a previous iOS smartphone
ICloud cloud access
A pack of free, very extensive office applications and more.
Very slight price drop with subsequent sale
Exquisite third-party applications, including Google
Very close collaboration with MacBooks (macOS)
Excellent collaboration with Apple Watch
Shortcuts - shortcuts to the most frequently used functions, for example, to call a specific person, send a photo via iMessaging
Good collaboration with cars through CarPlay
Quick Face ID
Great AirDrop feature
Apple Music Access (Chargeable)
Good versions of memory: 64, 128 and 256
Apple pay
Handoff - continue working on another iOS or macOS device
FaceTime - video calls
iMessaging - multimedia messaging
wireless charger
Screen Time function that analyzes the usage time of certain services.
SOS emergency function - call an emergency number by pressing the power button 5 times
access to a full analysis of the application operation - how much battery they consume, how much data they consume
Extended Do Not Disturb, i.e. block notifications in a specific place and time
Dual SIM (second eSIM card)
Smart HDR technology
Stereo sound system
Great battery
Low screen resolution
"Old" display technology
Thick frame around the screen
no optical zoom (and special zoom lens)
Very high price
Siri assistant is less useful than Google Assistant
No USB-C connector
USB 2.0 controller
No headphone jack

No fingerprint scanner
There is no Dual SIM support in Poland
Selfies without details - too even complexion (this needs to be improved in iOS 12.1)
In portrait mode, only people are detected.
No 3D Touch
The screen can not be cleaned with a dry “professional” rag
Design - Grade 5
When it comes to design, the XR matchesThe design of last year’s X. iPhone. Poverty is only slightly smaller than the colossus XS MAX of this year. It has a thicker frame around it and thicker. The glass back of the case differs primarily in its colors. There are 6 of them to choose from - (PRODUCT) RED, yellow, white, coral, black, blue. The most beautiful, probably yellow.

Unlike the X and XS series, the main camera introduces itself. It protrudes from the housing in the same way, but it is round and not connected in the “kit” with the LED diode.

The XR weighs a lot, as much as 194 g. This is not a smartphone for lovers of comfortable, lightweight and slim phones.

The case is waterproof in accordance with the IP67 standard, i.e. the XR can float up to 1 m for max.