Irrigator Xiaomi SOOCAS W3. "Karcher" for teeth

Soocas W3 Irrigator— a device for oral hygiene that can significantly reduce your visits to

to the dentist! In today's review, we will look at the principle of operation and effectiveness of a portable irrigator from the Soocas sub-brand from the «universe» Xiaomi. Is he really that good?

Xiaomi SOOCAS W3

After I switched to the sound brushes, II was sure that this is the height of what manufacturers of oral hygiene devices at the household level can offer the consumer. It turned out to be wrong. Many have long used irrigators every day. First there were stationary, now portable.

Soocas Company — brand with a name.The Chinese have released a successful series of sonic brushes: Soocas X1, Soocas X3, Soocas C1 (children's brush). All have proven themselves to be the best and have positive feedback from the user community. And here is the Soocas W3 mobile irrigator.

Review Soocas W3

The device is really very effective,especially in conjunction with a sonic brush. Using a thin jet under high pressure, food debris and plaque from the enamel surface are removed from the cracks between the teeth. There is no mechanical impact, we forget about toothpicks like a bad dream!

The special nozzle from food plastic has a very narrow opening, from which liquid is pulsed under pressure. The nozzle is securely attached to the device and, if desired, can be easily changed.

Recent studies have shown that the irrigator is significantly superior to dental floss. Reduced bleeding and plaque.


  • removes plaque from tooth enamel
  • removes food debris from gaps between teeth
  • massages gums

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The main feature of Soocas W3 is the presence of a built-in battery. The autonomy of the device is decent —up to 30 days. Charging takes 4 to 6 hours through the microUSB interface.

Moisture protection

It is simply necessary here, since the irrigator is constantly exposed to splashes of water. Degree of protectionIPX7— this means that the device will easily survive complete immersion under water within a few minutes. With that sorted out, let's continue our review of Soocas W3.

Modes of operation

The device has several operating modes of different intensity. Many recommend that you first go through the oral cavity in an impulsive mode, then fix the result with a standard mode.

  • Soft modecleaning. The jet comes out under minimal pressure, great for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Standard mode. Versatile and suitable for most people. The jet is fed with great frequency.
  • Impulsive mode. Feed pulse: 1300 / min. One of the most favorite modes.

Build quality

It's top notch here!You immediately feel that you have something in your hands. The body is made of pleasant plastic, the container is made of blue transparent plastic. It fits comfortably in the hand; for a more secure grip, there are “pimples” on the back. The only moment I didn't like — fastening the plug for filling the liquid. You will have to handle the cork carefully, otherwise you simply risk losing it. You just need to get used to it.

What to flood?

Capacity for liquid has a volume of 230 ml, whichenough for one complete cleaning procedure. Most of them pour ordinary water from a tap at a comfortable temperature into the Soocas W3 irrigator. And this is enough for them. But special cleaners like to add a special mouthwash. They further refresh the breath and reduce the likelihood of plaque.


  • Model Soocas W3
  • Pressure 20-140 PSI
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Charging Interface: microUSB
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Work time: up to 30 days
  • Capacity: 230 ml, enough for 1 cleaning session

Experience of use

I use the irrigator every day anymoremonths paired with the Soocas X3 sonic brush. The feeling is extremely positive! Yes, cleaning took a little longer by 1-2 minutes, but the level of cleanliness has changed dramatically. The main problem was the space between the teeth. Food residues caused caries, and the sonic brush did not always clean hard-to-reach places (and this was eventually confirmed by dentists). The irrigator solved this problem.

Xiaomi Soocas W3 has excellent autonomy. Charging is enough for a long time and it is very convenient! Do not strain the constant visits to the current source. Again, attracts several modes of operation and just great performance.

Many reviews on the network also point out a problem with fixing the cork, but again, here you just need to get used to and carefully use this device node. There will be no problems.

I will note also moisture protection, for the similar deviceit is important. I met a lot of complaints about portable irrigators with poor moisture protection. Over time, contacts begin to deteriorate from moisture. Soocas W3 will not have this.

Where can one buy?

A good price on Soocas W3 can be found in China. On the largest trading Internet sites there are offers with delivery to Russia.

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