Is it about politics or quality? Why iPhone 14 won't have Chinese displays like iPhone 13

Chinese display maker Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) may lose an order for 30 million displays for

the upcoming iPhone 14 after it redesigned the iPhone 13 display to increase yield or reduce scrap, according to a report from The Elec. Discuss

Apple commissioned BOE to manufacture displays foriPhone 13 in October last year. That deal ended earlier this month when Apple reportedly caught BOE changing the circuit width of the iPhone 13's TFT display without Apple's knowledge.

Instead of BOE, The Elec expects Apple to splitan order for 30 million displays between LG Display and Samsung Display, two major display suppliers. Samsung will likely produce 6.1- and 6.7-inch displays for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro, while LG will produce a 6.7-inch display for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.