Is it Metal Gear Solid? Franchise Producer Says “2023 Will Be A Year Of Many Long-Awaited Announcements”

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Two theses about Konami have been circulating on the net for a long time:

  1. The Japanese want to revive their old
    popular franchises.
  2. A remake of some part of Metal Gear Solid is in the works (the third part of the series created by Hideo Kojima is most often mentioned).

The first point, the Japanese began to implement and announced a number of new parts of Silent Hill, including a remake of the cult game Silent Hill 2.

But the second rumor has not yet received officialconfirmation, but in a recent interview with Famitsu, Metal Gear Solid producer Noriaki Okamura confirmed that "2023 will be the year of many long-awaited announcements."

Konami has three major franchises:Silent Hill, Castlevania and MGS. They have come to grips with the horror series, everyone but the most devoted fans has already forgotten about Castlevania, but Metal Gear Solid constantly appears in the information field and, most importantly, arouses public interest.

Well, 2023 is just around the corner. We are waiting for official news about the famous spy stealth action.