Is it true that Apple started slowing down the Intel MacBook after the release of the M1 models

Denis Rusakov tested the work of an Intel-based MacBook and compared its performance with

the performance of a laptop on the M1. It turned out that in some programs the system on Intel runs slower.

The host found that professional programsFinal Cut and Logic Pro on Apple MacBook (Intel) perform worse than on a similar device, but on the M1 chip. This became especially noticeable in the last months of work, Denis notes. In June 2020, he purchased a 13-inch MacBook Pro based on a 4-core Intel Core i5, but recently (a month or two ago) it became obvious that a number of applications start and run not as fast as before.

The blogger uses mainly three programs:Final Cut for video editing, Logic Pro for working with sound, Pixelmator Pro for image processing. So far, no problems have arisen with the latter, but with the first two, on the contrary. Denis noticed that recently it took longer to export video projects: if earlier some video took 40 minutes to load, now it sometimes took even longer than an hour. Another problem is that when the video is cut, the sound starts to be recalculated (you need to wait a few seconds for this), and this noticeably slows down the work.

As for the sound, problems arose witha project that the presenter has been working on for quite some time. During playback, drum parts start to disappear after a while. This is despite the fact that the rest of the instruments are synchronized.

The expert also emphasized that he useslicensed versions of programs. At the same time, his old iPad is still capable of working with these programs, only it is not as convenient to do it on it as on the MacBook. It turns out that, most likely, the MacBook Pro, which is only 1.5 years old, is being slowed down by Apple for the user to switch to a new model.

Source: YouTube-channel Denis Rusakov