Is it true that Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S and Poco M4 Pro are the same smartphones? Comparison test

Smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S and Poco M4 Pro are really very similar. But are there any differences between them? Found out

in the release on the channel DimaViper Live on YouTube. Discuss

The host of the DimaViper Live channel spoke about twoXiaomi device models: Redmi Note 11S and Poco M4 Pro. Indeed, there were more similarities between them than differences. They have very similar characteristics and almost the same cost.

By design smartphones are very similar, with the exception of the camera unit and the back panel (for Redmi - matte, for Poco - glossy). IN bundled both come with 33W charging, a USB Type-C cable, a silicone case, a paperclip to open the SIM card tray.

Launched from two devices faster (by three seconds) Poco, although CPU installed on the same devices. This is MediaTek Helio G96.

Screens the characteristics here are completely identical.Smartphones work by themselves due to a fairly good processor quickly, without slowdowns. In general, these devices will be enough for a couple of years ahead. In the same time basic equipment Redmi has 6/64 GB, Poco has 6/128 GB, maximum while Redmi has 8/128 GB, Poco has 8/256 GB.

Cameras differ quite slightly.The main camera for Redmi is 108 MP, for Poco it is 64 MP. In general, the first device has only four lenses on the rear panel, the second has three. An additional module on the Note 11S is a depth sensor for portrait shots. However, in fact, portrait photos are the same on both smartphones.

The resolution of the photo on the main camera is higherit turned out for Redmi: 9000 × 12000 pixels versus 6944 × 9248 pixels. At the same time, the shot weighs more on Poco. This means that on the latest device, photos in poor lighting will be better in quality.

If we compare pictures on the main camera, thenthe photo came out better on the Redmi Note 11S compared to the Poco M4 Pro. This applies specifically to detail and noise, although in general the difference is insignificant. Photos on the front camera are the same. In night mode, a more pleasant shot turned out on Poco. In terms of video, the devices are absolutely identical. Generally speaking, Redmi is worth choosing if you need pictures with good detail and a minimum level of graininess and noise.


Also, the phones are no different from each other in terms of sound (stereo speakers installed), charging speed (up to 100 percent charged in 60 minutes) and battery capacity (5000 mAh).

In general, it turns out that the difference between the twoXiaomi devices - only in one main camera. Added to this is the design. Therefore, if you choose between them, then you can take any, the expert concludes.

Source: DimaViper Live