Is the release close? Naughty Dog filmed the last scene in The Last of Us 2

The developers of The Last of Us: Part 2 though rarely share information about the game, but this does not mean that they are complex


What is known

Naughty Dog boss Neil Drakmann told at hisTwitter page that shot the last scene for The Last of Us: Part 2. The published photo shows only the words “end” and “blackout”, so you should not be afraid of spoilers. Also, do not need to rely on the imminent release of the game, as the developers have yet to refine the footage.

Ellie will play Ashley Johnson in the sequel, Joel will play the role of Troy Baker, and Dean, the love interest of the main character, will play Shannon Woodward.

We also know that in The Last of Us: Part 2 developers are focusing on covert passage and survival. Naughty Dog confirmed that gamers are waiting for intense gameplay, as well as an interactive environment and realism. For example, in low grass, enemies will easily notice Ellie, but darkness on the contrary will become the heroine's best friend. Drakman also confirmed that the girl will receive a partner.