Israel proposes to create a global cyber shield to neutralize cyber attacks

The global cyber shield is the best defense against hackers, said Bennett, a former entrepreneur in the field

Cybersecurity, Wednesday at the Tel Aviv Digital Security Conference.

“If you try to fight alone, you will fail,” he said, citing cyber threats as one of Israel's top national security threats. "If you fight together, you will win."

High-profile cyberattacks over the past month have resulted ina serious threat. On a holiday weekend in the US on July 4, they wreaked havoc on hospitals, shut down America's largest gas pipeline, wreaked havoc on a huge meat supplier, and disrupted hundreds of companies.

Earlier it was reported that the EU, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and NATO will join forces to convict China of "using criminal hackers."

Washington and its allies will jointly condemnBeijing's "malicious" cyber activities and will be accused of extortion against their companies, as well as a threat to their security, a White House spokesman said during a briefing.

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