Israeli engineers have created a hybrid of a wheeled robot and a quadcopter

This is not the first time that scientists have tried to create a robot that could move on tracks or wheels, but

this allows you to quickly fly from place to place. This makes it possible to create a robot with universal cross-country ability, as well as increase the ability to transport different types of cargo.

The device consists of three parts - central, wherethere are a battery and a board for controlling the device, as well as two side panels - electric motors for rotating wheels or screws are embedded in them. The robot can change the angles between these side parts. This allows you to switch between wheels and screws depending on the type of task.

Technical features of the device is not yetare revealed. It is only known that the drone can carry on itself cargoes weighing 400 g. In addition, it can change the types of movement almost instantly. The video shows how, after the flight, the robot immediately starts to go, without switching between the types of movement.


Recently, American developers from the companies AeroVironment and Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems announced that they are developing a system for launching groups of small drones from large drones.