Israeli private lunar rover Beresheet went into lunar orbit

SpaceIL began developing Beresheet in 2012 after winning the Lunar XPrize competition.It is assumed that the lunar rover

will be able to land on the surface of the Moon and jump 500 m, and will also send photographs and soil analysis to Earth.

On February 22, the Falcon 9 rocket brought Beresheet toorbit where the device will spend 2.5 months, gradually rising. Then the rover will start the engines and fly to the moon - it is planned that he will land on the Earth satellite at the end of April 2019.

The unit will land on the moon in the northeastparts of the Sea of ​​Clarity, will transfer photographs to Earth and take a leap. The lunar part of the mission will take two to three terrestrial days, after which the unit will fail due to overheating.

Beresheet has previously sent several photographs of our planet from space, as well as a panorama of the sunrise over the Earth.