It became known what changes will be in iOS 14

The release of iOS 14 will take place traditionally in June, but this time, most likely, online because of the coronavirus. Earlier

we wrote about what may be changes in iOS 14. Now there is new information that we immediately share with you ...

What's new in iOS 14?

According to 9to5Mac user and Twitter user DongleBookPro, iOS 14 may offer home screen widgets and new wallpaper settings.

Apple is reportedly working for the first timeCreate widgets that you can freely move around, such as the iPhone and iPad home screen icons. It is reported that this function has the code name "Avocado", other details are missing. It was also mentioned that Apple is still working on the implementation of this feature, and in the future it may even be canceled.

In addition to home screen widgets,Twitter user DongleBookPro shared allegedly leaked screenshots of new wallpaper settings and settings options that will appear in iOS 14. The leak of screenshots shows a new “Collections” menu that users can fill out with their photos. The new iOS 13 column indicates that Apple will not remove wallpapers first introduced in iOS 13. It seems that Apple will group similar wallpapers in a more convenient format, since now users will be able to scroll them from left to right, and not from top to bottom.

The screen shot also mentions new“Appearance of the main screen” options, which allow users to change the appearance of their current wallpaper. It seems that users will now be able to choose dark, dull, blurry and normal versions of the wallpaper.