It became known when Ukraine will receive GLSGB missiles with a range of 150 km for HIMARS and MLRS

The United States is preparing a new military aid package for Ukraine worth more than $2 billion. This time, it

long-range missiles will enter for the first time, but they will have to wait a long time.

What is known

Ukraine will receive Ground-Launched Small shellsDiameter Bomb (GLSDB) with a launch range of up to 150 km. For the first time they started talking about it at the end of last year, but more substantive conversations began only a few weeks ago.

The cost of GLSDB shells in the new military packageassistance will amount to approximately $200 million. However, they will be delivered to Ukraine only after nine months. This is due to the fact that GLSDB are new projectiles, and Boeing has not yet established mass production. Due to the fact that they will not be transferred from stocks, funds will be allocated through the USAI fund.

The GLSDB has an M26 rocket engine and a GBU-39/B SDB 115kg small diameter guided bomb. Guidance is performed using GPS and an inertial navigation system.

GLSDB projectiles are designed to be fired from M270 MLRS (MARS II, LRU) multiple launch rocket systems and M142 HIMARS highly mobile artillery rocket systems.