It became known which smartphone can become the basis for the long-awaited inexpensive flagship Pocophone F2

The first smartphone, developed by a Xiaomi subsidiary called Pocophone, was released back in 2018.

The device turned out so interesting, not inlast of all, due to the combination of price / characteristics, that users have been waiting for the release of the second flagship from the company for two years now. Yes, just recently Poco X2 was announced, but such a release can hardly be called the ultimate dream of fans, since the hardware there is far from flagship, and in general - the smartphone does not cause “those” sensations. Fortunately, information has appeared on the network about which device can become the basis for the long-awaited low-cost flagship Pocophone F2.

Fresh data sources have become one ofusers of the popular XDA-Developers resource under the nickname kacskrz, who, digging into the camera application code of the latest beta version of MIUI 11, found mention of devices codenamed “lmi” and “lmiin”. The first of these is the Redmi K30 Pro, while the second is clearly the Indian version of this smartphone. There was also found the mention of the watermark “Shot with Pocophone” in conjunction with “lmiin”, which suggests that it is the Redmi K30 Pro that will become the basis for the future Pocophone F2.

Recall that the Redmi K30 Pro is based onSnapdragon 865 flagship processor, has from 6 to 8 GB of RAM and from 128 to 256 GB of permanent memory. Given that the Chinese version of the smartphone starts at $ 420, it is likely that the Pocophone F2 will be priced even lower, which will make the new product very interesting for acquiring a smartphone.