It became possible to learn from sperm which genetic mutations children will have

Sperm screening can be helpful in pregnancy planning, scientists say. This technology

helps to understand what genetic mutations can occur in the fetus. The results of the study were published in the journal eLife. Discuss

Dangerous mutations can occur in spermfuture fathers can accidentally pass on to a child during fertilization. Because of these mutations, a miscarriage may occur or the child may develop congenital diseases.

Three couples took part in the new study,who underwent the IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure. After analyzing the sperm, experts identified 55 different mutations in it. Of these, 15 mutations were transferred to the embryo, and sometimes these mutations were found in two or more embryos of a couple. In total, experts found 19 cases of transfer of mutations.

According to Xiaoxu Yang, co-author of the study andresearcher at the University of California at San Diego (USA), these results confirm the assumption that new mutations that occur in spermatozoa can be transmitted to embryos.

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