It can be dangerous: a sunspot directed at the Earth has grown 10 times in just a couple of days

A few days ago, a team of scientists noticed a fast-growing sunspot on the Sun, pointing at our


In just two days, it grew from a small flare to the size of a pair of sunspots, becoming about 10 times larger than before. Moreover, each such spot is comparable in scale to the Earth:

It is reported that in case the stains continuegrow in the coming days, then they can cause more severe outbreaks. There is even a chance that their energy will be directed towards the Earth. And this, in turn, can endanger satellites and communications systems.

But it is worth clarifying that at the moment there is no immediate danger.

Scientists note that over the past few years, the activity of the Sun has increased dramatically and greatly. According to experts, this is due to its approaching time to the next solar maximum.