It has not been cheaper since 2014: Aliexpress lowered the dollar to 55 rubles

Only Russian users were surprised that the dollar on AliExpress costs 57.75 rubles, as it is today

the Chinese platform decided to surprise us even more. Discuss

In the official Poco Official Store, you can find a slot that offers 1 dollar at a price of 55.13 rubles. At the time of writing, 9799 pieces remained in stock:

Recall that until recently there was a loophole on AliExpress - with its help, users could buy goods in the site's application directly with dollars from a Qiwi wallet.

In this case, the goods turned out to be more profitable than when paying with a regular bank card. But recently the shop was closed, which we wrote about here.

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Also note that everything written above is relevant at the time of the release of the news material. How exactly the situation will change in the near future is unknown.