It looks like Electronic Arts is back on Steam with its best games.

Electronic Arts has long abandoned Steam, and is launching its new PC projects at Origin. Yet appeared on the web

hints that the company will make friends with Valve again.

What is known

The first hint appeared since the announcement of a new designSteam libraries. Then the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst cover appeared on the images, which is not in the Valve store. Yesterday, Steam DataBase detected an update for an unknown test application, which added the line "steam: // run / 570› origin: // rungame / test1 ". It looks like someone is testing Origin's integration with Steam.

On this oddities do not end there. Users only recently noticed that as early as December 24, 2018, an unknown person was playing The Saboteur through Steam, although the game is still not in the store’s library.

The latest clue was the recent update of Dragon Age 2, the emergence of new language packs for the game and strange gestures with tags by genre.

It is possible that EA will return on Steam, but only with good old games like the first Dead Space, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.