It looks like gladiatorial combat is coming to Dying Light 2 story DLC.

Techland recently released another patch for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. YouTube user with the nickname Bub rummaged through the files

update and seems to have found out the details about the upcoming paid DLC for the zombie action.

Here's what we found in the bowels of the update:

  • The files contain a new location, unfinished dialogue, and even animated storyboards of new cutscenes.
  • Judging by the datamining, a lot of attention in the DLC will be given to gladiatorial battles.
  • One of the locations is a large opera building, consisting of several floors. There is a prison in the basement of the building.
  • Other locations include Astrid's office, a church, and a subway station. These zones seem to be mentioned only in the text - visual elements have not yet been found.
  • Most of the expansion's files look unfinished - for example, the dialogues are mostly presented as low-quality recordings in Polish. Although it is possible that irrelevant files got into the patch.
  • Perhaps new gesture animations are planned.
  • The files have already found 2 thousand new dialogue lines and two limbs - obviously, the addition will be large-scale.

Recall that the story DLC for Dying Light 2 was supposed to start in June, but Techland postponed the release to September.