It looks like STALKER 2 will be shown at gamescom 2019: GSC Game World designer has published a teaser

STALKER 2 was announced back in May 2018, and after the developers from GSC Game World calmed down and began to work on

project. For all time, gamers were shown only one concept art, but it seems that at the end of August, players will be pleased with new information.

What is known

GSC Game World Level Designer Denis Rudoiposted a photo on Facebook with a STALKER 2 backpack and the caption “Ready for #Gamescom”. It seems that such an unambiguous hint did not please the leadership of GSC Game World, and the publication disappeared from the developer's page. Fortunately, the Internet remembers everything, and the fans managed to take a screenshot of the “post”.

GSC has not formally announced a presence atgamescom. Perhaps the studio will send a representative who will speak with publishers or hold a private screening of the game for journalists. When asked by the subscribers whether there will be a game stand at gamescom, the developer answered emoji “shh”.

For additional information and comments, we turned to Denis Rudom. Stay tuned for history updates on