It looks like the PlayStation 5 will get Samsung's SSD, which will reduce downloads to 0.83 seconds.

Sony did not hide the fact that it plans to release a PlayStation 5 with an installed SSD in order to reduce download time. At the same

At that time, the company did not name the component manufacturer, but this information was shared by analyst Daniel Ahmad.

What is known

An insider attended a Samsung presentation wherethe company talked about a new type of solid state drive. It seems that in 2020, the Koreans are planning to release the Non-Volatile Memory Express, which Sony will install in the PlayStation 5. Samsung did not directly say that it plans to cooperate with the Japanese gaming giant, but the PS4 image with the Dualshok controller at the presentation seems to hint.

If you believe Samsung, then in the tests Samsung NVMe SSDtears previous generations of drives. For example, NVMe starts the system in less than 29 seconds, and you can play Monster Hunter Worlds earlier than 13 after the game starts. In addition, Samsung promises that a new type of drive can save gamers from lags, since the standard HDD does not always manage to load graphics and sound files, creating a desync.

Back in May, Sony held a private presentation onwhich showed the speed of the PlayStation 5. Judging by the tests, the prefix loads the Marvel’s Spider-Man level in 0.83 seconds, while the PlayStation 4 Pro takes 8 seconds. It is not known whether Sony used the new Samsung drives in that presentation, but the indicators are still encouraging.

Still in the announcement for Wired console architect MarkCerny said that inside the PlayStation 5 they will install the 8-core AMD Ryzen, AMD Radeon Navi graphics card and SSD. Of the additional chips Sony promise ray tracing and backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4.

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In a publication, Daniel Ahmad noted that the NVMe SSDcan be used not only in the PlayStation 5, but also in other consoles. It is possible that Microsoft will also want to partner with Samsung by installing new drives in the Xbox Scarlet. According to analysts, in the new generation, console manufacturers are concentrating not so much on graphics as on fast downloads. So Samsung technology will be useful for Sony and Microsoft.

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