It looks like the PS5 will allow you to share saves: Sony has developed a system for transferring gaming experience

Sony continues to register technologies that could be useful for the PlayStation 5. Last time the company

patented the cartridge, and now the US Patent Office has adopted a document on a “scene tagging” system.

What is known

Respawnfirst discovered that Sony has decided to developstandard social functions of the console, allowing players to share not only screenshots and short videos. Judging by the description, the system will look at player-created content, be it video or photos, and create metadata with a description of the scene. That is, the system will be able to remember what is shown in the picture, where it was recorded, as well as what characters and objects are present.

“Sample User Content includes:yourself videos or screenshots from a video game that relate to the events that occurred. Relevant metadata will then be used to describe significant aspects in the user-generated content, such as details about where the post or screenshot was taken, who was included in the user-generated content, and what objects are in the user-generated content,” the description reads.

The created tags will help the user fastersearch for content, as the system remembers the level and objects in the image. In addition, judging by the description, the system will allow users to share gaming experience. Apparently, Sony was inspired by the State Share feature that they promise to add to Google Stadia so that users can share the state of their gaming world.

“In addition, metadata can be used"to replicate the game state associated with user content on another user's computing device so that that user can relive the scene they recently viewed," the description reads.

In addition, the system will work like a fileconservation. That is, a player can share content with recorded metadata, and a user with a copy of the relevant entertainment will be able to “copy the game state.”

"Assuming the user hascorresponding video game, user-generated content may be used as a “save file,” so that a user viewing the user-generated content can use the associated information to copy the state of the game,” the description reads.

Apparently Sony has decided to reinvent the wheel,making the transfer of saves a distinctive feature. At the same time, it is worth considering that this is only a patent, and the technology may remain in the form of a document. If Sony does not abandon the idea, then PlayStation 5 will receive another useful feature. It is possible that the system will work in tandem with artificial intelligence. Two weeks ago, Sony opened an AI research division, and it is possible that the patent is the result of the efforts of the new team.

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