It looks like Resident Evil 3 will be followed by a remake of Dino Crisis, and Capcom is ready to show off the game

In its latest financial report, Capcom promised that it would resurrect forgotten franchises. The company has already revealed plans

on Resident Evil, and now sets the stage for the rest of the series.

What is known

Chizai Watch (via VG247) noticed that Capcomfiled applications for trademark registration in Japan. The list includes Dino Crisis, Vampire (Darkstalkers), Bionic Commando, Rockman (Mega Man) and others. What unites the franchises is that in recent years they have not been replenished with new games. Unlike the Mega Man series, the new part of which was released in 2018.

Considering that Capcom registered about 36brands at once, it is unlikely that the company is working on new projects for all these franchises. More like a standard license renewal to prevent other companies from taking over the names. At the same time, fans have hope for the resurrection of Dino Crisis.

Capcom has started sending out emails to membersResident Evil Ambassador program, which includes fans of the “zombie series.” Last time the company called on fans to test Resident Evil Resistance, and now it invites them to look at a new unannounced project.

Since Capcom didn't say what exactly it will showtesters, gamers were divided into two camps. Some believe that the developers are preparing Resident Evil 8 (somehow a lot of RE for one period of time), while others are hoping for a revival of Dino Crisis, since the company has registered a trademark for the series.

The first Dino Crisis was released in 1999, afterRE2, and adopted some of the mechanics from Capcom’s “zombie series”. In the community, the project was even called “Resident Evil with dinosaurs”, since the movement of the characters, the combat system, puzzles and even the placement of the camera repeated RE. Perhaps that’s why Capcom invited “Resident” fans to the test.

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