It looks like Darksiders 4 is already in development and will be shown to gamers at E3 2019

If you're a fan of the Darksiders universe, then you definitely shouldn't miss the upcoming E3 2019.

What is known

On the official page of the event appearedmessage about the announcement of a new game from the Darksiders series, which will take place on June 13. The organizers did not provide details about the new Airship Syndicate project, but noted that the franchise has changed its direction of development, and something “fresh” awaits fans.

"Talk about the creation of the Darksiders universeand about where she’s going next. This panel coincided with the announcement of a new Darksiders game at E3 2019, which will set a new direction for the franchise,” the announcement reads.

The development of a new project is also hinted at by the official Airship Syndicate Twitter account, which changed the page banner, adding part of a poster from another project.

Darksiders 3 received positive reviewsfrom the players, but the press scolded the project for its outdated design. It seems that the developers listened and decided to refresh the series. The announcement does not say who will be the main character in the new part of the series, but of the four horsemen of the universe, only Discord remains without a solo game.