It turned out that a rosary with a “smart” cross from the Vatican can be cracked in just 15 minutes

A few days ago in the Vatican introduced electronic rosary with a smart cross eRosary, which are designed

to introduce the younger generation to faith. But, as it turned out, they are not without sin: they found a serious vulnerability in the device.

How it works

Cybersecurity Specialist HackedeRosary using the proprietary Click to Pray application, which synchronizes the spiritual device with the servers of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network, in just 15 minutes.

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To do this, he needed only the addresse-mail attached to eRosary. After that, the hacker gained access to the account and all the user's personal data: birthday, gender, height, weight, photo, as well as location data.

In addition, after the hacker was able to delete the user account.

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The specialist who discovered the vulnerability contacted the developers and talked about the problem. Vulnerability quickly eliminated.