It was better with loot boxes: Rocket League players riot over new “greedy” monetization

The fifth season update has reached Rocket League. In addition to the new battle pass with rewards, players received

and a renewed economy. The developers decided to remove loot boxes, but the new monetization system turned out to be even worse.

What's wrong

Before Season 5, players received cosmeticitems from loot boxes, the contents of which were allowed to be found after activating a special key. Now the “boxes” have been removed, replacing them with drawings of items, but to get the item you will have to spend real money.

The new premium currency was loans, whichdevelopers exchange at the rate of 100 credits per US dollar. In addition, there are no regional prices. Rocket League e-sports player Rizzo noticed that now they are asking for 1,400 credits for the Draco exotic wheels, which is equal to $14. If you want “white tires”, then prepare $20. For an imported effect for nitro they ask $6.

The developers also decided to add an explosion effect during a goal, which the player can claim for $22. It's worth noting here that the PlayStation Store sells the basic version of Rocket League for $27.

Gamers also noticed that the game began to issueFewer rewards for completed matches. For example, before the update, decryptors, the local equivalent of keys, were awarded for completing battle pass missions. Now there are no such “tools”, and additional credits for opening blueprints can only be obtained in the premium version of Rocket Pass.

Psyonix, developers of Rocket League, byedid not respond to the community's criticism, so the players decided to draw attention to themselves with a protest. Gamers began removing decorations from their cars and placing flags with the Reddit logo on their cars.

Three protesters even created a clan“You don’t support Epic.” In the spring, the publisher bought the studio, and gamers suspect that monetization was changed under the influence of the new owner. One of the players even suggested renaming Rocket League to “Racket League.” (Racket League)

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