It's hard to believe, but in iOS 14.5 Beta, the picture-in-picture mode for YouTube was returned

Developers found another useful feature in iOS 14.5 beta

What is known

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Picture-in-picture for YouTube.It originally appeared in iOS 14, but due to Google offering this feature with a YouTube Premium subscription, Apple had to remove it. However, in iOS 14.5 Beta, it worked again in Safari.

If you, suddenly, did not know, then the "picture inpicture "allows you to watch videos from YouTube (and not only) in a small window. This allows you to perform several actions at the same time. For example, watch a video and correspond.

Recall that in iOS 14.5 they also added the ability to unlock iPhone using Face ID in a mask, as well as set a third-party music service by default for Siri.

Source: 9to5google

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