It's time to blame: Anthem chief producer Ben Irwin leaves BioWare

BioWare lost another employee, and Anthem chief producer Ben Irwin left the team.

What is known

The developer announced the departure on the page inTwitter by posting a series of three posts. Irwin wrote that after passing the first Baldur’s Gate, he wanted to work at BioWare. The dream came true and Ben worked in the studio for eight years, and now goes to another team.

“After 8 amazing years at BioWare, I decided to move on and got a terrific opportunity at another gaming company,” Ben explained.

Irwin also wrote that Anthem would live, andthanks to the team, the game has a bright future. According to LinkedIn, during the development of the project, Ben was responsible for the combat system, creatures, gameplay and progression system. Prior to Anthem, the producer led Star Wars: The Old Republic.