It's time to return to Rage 2: Bethesda has released the Rise of the Ghosts DLC with a new story and location

Bethesda has released the first of its promised expansions for Rage 2, which will add a new region, weapons and vehicles.

What is known

DLC called Rise of the Ghosts will addinto the game the “Ghosts” faction, familiar to fans of the first part of the series. In Rage 2, the gang has found a new leader and is now planning to take over the wasteland. The role of the main character in this crazy play is still the same - to stop evil.

"The sadistic 'Ghosts' have returned to the wastelands beneathled by the mysterious villain Iris. Spreading their nanotrite-infused influence and attempting to lead the world into a so-called brighter dawn, the Wraiths have become a crazy force to be reckoned with."

Along with the new faction there will be an additionalthe Overgrown City region, through which players will be able to travel on a Ghost Motorcycle. The hero's arsenal has expanded with a void ability and a laser rifle.

Rise of the Ghosts is now available for purchase in the Rage 2 in-game store for 1,500 RAGE Coins ($15). Owners of the Deluxe Edition will receive the DLC for free.