Jabra Elite 65t Active: a multifunctional headset headset

Jabra is part of the GN Group, specializing in the development of wireless headphones. Recently the company

introduced new multifunctional headphonesElite65t Active, a wireless headset, and it can also be called a sports headset. The advantages of these headphones include the presence of a special case with the ability to charge the headset. In general, the thing turned out to be very interesting, although not cheap.


In Jabra, musical compositions sound quiteOf course, some capricious music lovers will be able to find some flaws in their sound, but for an ordinary user, the headphones will definitely play perfectly well. So, if you have an expensive media player or a dedicated music processor is installed in your smartphone, then you will definitely get pleasure from the sound.

Case and autonomy

The appearance of the case is quite pleasant, andIt is quite convenient to use it, it is also pleasant to touch. Here all the best came together - weight, size, shape, materials. The case is enough for two full charging of the headset from scratch, without running to the outlet, just the headphones will lie in your purse or pocket for some time. General autonomy is decent, given that one charge lasts for five hours of continuous operation. Two more recharges, and get fifteen hours, you do not need to look for a power outlet. However, up to one hundred percent of the ears charge about two hours, it should be taken into account. But you can always add an hour of work in ten minutes. The charge level is shown by the LED in the case: the neck is green, half is yellow, and red is time to charge. The case itself is charged via microUSB, the procedure from scratch takes the same two hours.


They differ, yes, like shoes, one sneaker left,other right. It is rather difficult to confuse them, you have to cram it with a lot of effort. And it is better not to do this, because the difference is not only in the compatibility of the anatomy, but also in the functionality of different headphones. The control buttons are on both inserts, but the left one has a joystick button. The left earpiece can scroll through the tracks and adjust the volume. The right liner received more opportunities, besides, he knows how to work alone.

You can interact with the headset both with buttons and voice commands. The main language is, as usual, English. Six languages ​​are supported, but unfortunately there is no Russian in the list.

Special features

  • Any wireless headphones have how strongsides and weak. It makes no sense to talk a lot about the first ones, all the advantages are quite obvious: convenience without wires, ergonomics for the active user at the highest level, sit safely. Again, the wind snakes are protected, the sound is very decent, you can run in the rain without fear.
  • With minuses, too much is clear, inserts onesize at all, and the anatomy of the ears has a small difference in different people. And if they did not immediately sit down like a glove, then they can hardly wear them for hours, they get tired quickly. It is also clear that the outside world is not audible, it can be unsafe. But the manufacturer offered solutions to these problems, at a relative level.
  • The first is partially solved by a set of variegatednozzles Included are three sets, you can pick up under your ears. The second problem is solved by the HearThrough function, you can adjust the volume of the noise outside.

The call is accepted by voice Answer or one pressing of the button. It is deflected by the voice of Ignore and double clicking on the right liner. Yes, the headset speaks the phone number of the incoming call.

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