Jaguar Land Rover has opened a laboratory where cars are tested for electromagnetic compatibility

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the opening of a branded laboratory in the UK to test the following

generations of vehicles for electrical and radio interference.

What is known

The opening of the new laboratory is anotherthe company's step towards an electrified future. Recall that by 2030 the entire range of Jaguar and Land Rover will be available in fully electric versions.

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The new laboratory has two acousticanechoic chambers: an electrically "quiet" roller stand for testing cars at speed, as well as equipment for evaluating the performance of individual components. For example, a battery or an electric motor. The lab can also test Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, adaptive cruise control, wireless charging, and blind spot monitoring.

The first car to be tested in the laboratory was the Range Rover Sport. The car was shown in May of this year.

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Jaguar Land Rover has voted aboutlaboratory testimonies from testing the next generation of cars for the presence of electric and radio codes. A new laboratory is working - a black-and-white model to an electric future Jaguar Land Rover: until 2030, the entire Jaguar and Land Rover lineup will be available in new electric versions.

Vidpovіdnіst probable avtomobilіv legislationTo meet the quality standards of the dromeless plant and electronics, ensure the laboratory of electromagnetic intelligence (EMC) at Gaydon, Great Britain. The first car, tested for an individual program at the new laboratory, becoming the Range Rover Sport, presentations at grassroots rock.

A critical aspect of the car's work is the quality of the buildingelectrical possession of the systems to function without interruption in the electromagnetic medium. Electromagnetic noise (EMS) is between non-navmisne generation, rozpovsudzhennya and reception of electromagnetic energy. All in order to change the risk, the appearance of non-negligible effects, the zocrema of electromagnetic transitions.

New Automotive Laboratory Jaguar Land RoverMay have two acoustical chambers: an electrically "quiet" roller stand for testing cars on the road, as well as for evaluating the productivity of other components, such as batteries and electric motors. The electromagnetic system (EMC) also checks the functions and services available in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles: Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, adaptive cruise control, droto-free charging and blind spot monitoring.

Peter Phillips, Electromagnetic Techniciansystems and performance of Jaguar Land Rover, saying: “You cannot apply the importance of testing cars to electromagnetic intelligence. Entering the new laboratory of Jaguar Land Rover is an important step forward, which plays a vital role in the safety, legitimacy and comfort of the owner’s car.”

New technologies are constantly developing, soTesting cars on EMC may be more important for the performance of these services: more power is available on electric vehicles, the range of digital and storage services for cars is expanding, as software upgrades to stand-alone technologies. In a new laboratory, we are demonstrating the Jaguar Land Rover exercise to provide the car owners with the best possible communication, bringing electrification to the entire model range. Jaguar Land Rover at the borders of the strategy Reimagine rethinks the future of today's luxury: the meta company is the zero point in terms of logistics, products and manufacturing operations until 2039.