Jailbreak Apple Watch in development: waiting?

The topic of jailbreak has ceased to concern the mobile community. Few of us are now waiting for the appearance

Possibility of hacking iOS firmware.Most likely, this is due to the fact that Apple developers added all the most popular functions to the standard set of options, and the need for hacking simply disappeared by itself. However, we haven't heard much about jailbreaking the Apple Watch.

Hacking an Apple smartwatch could createa new wave of Jail popularity. Add variety to the functionality of your smart bracelet — This should not be neglected, I think. It is worth noting that there have already been attempts by some hackers to hack the watchOS firmware. But none of them ended in success. Or the successful attempts were just confirmation that it was still possible to hack the system. However, until now we have not heard or seen a hint of the release of a public tool for jailbreaking the Apple Watch. But in the future everything may change.

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has beenSeveral messages have been published from @ethanpepro, which mean that the progress of the Apple Watch jailbreak is clearly in full swing. It is possible that we will soon have access to a tool for hacking Apple Watch running watchOS versions 4.0-5.1.2. In some tweets, the hacker notes that his global plans include releasing a complete jailbreak as open source and with a streamlined installation process. That is, not only developers, but also ordinary Apple Watch owners will be able to use the tool. By the way, the OverCl0ck tool from PsychoTea was previously announced, but only developers could use it.

What will make it possible to hack an Apple Watch, askYou. Actually, a lot. It will be possible to install various add-ons or settings, new watch faces, etc. In short, don't be limited by Apple. As evidence of progress, Ethanpepro shared screenshots of the tpf0 exploit and a video demonstrating the jailbreak process used in testing it.

Another nuance. If you use watches on the watchOS 5.1.3 or 5.2 software, you will not be able to use this tool, as there is no possibility to lower the firmware. But it’s too early to talk about it, you need to wait for the Apple Watch jailbreak.