Jailbreak tweak Cr4shed helps solve system problems

jailbreak users should be familiar with the CrashReporter application from Cydia. it
diagnostic tool that helps to find out the causes of various errors.
Especially useful tool was for problems with tweaks.

However, the CrashReporter is not clear
everything, in connection with which the new free jailbreak tweak was released Cr4shed. Tweak made
so that you work together with the CrashReporter application and not replace it. When on
a device error occurs, Cr4shed will generate a report about it and save

Tweak Cr4shed will also help developers solveproblems that the CrashReporter application is unable to handle. Moreover, a tweak can find useful information, such as processes that have been interrupted, causes, etc.

This is very convenient when you are informed about an error, the reason for which you cannot find out even from the CrashReporter report. Tweak will generate a report with all the information you need.

The purpose of Cr4shed tweak is
is to simplify the problem solving process for users and
developers. Apparently, he is quite capable of doing this.

You can download Cr4shed tweak for free from the Packix repository. It is supported by all devices with iOS 11.