James Bond from Ubisoft: Warden - the new operative of protection Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft announced the second operative for the Rainbow Six Siege, which will appear in the game with the addition of Operation Phantom Sight.

What is known

Leaks again confirmed, and a new fighterreally uses the call sign Warden. Collinn McKinley can be called James Bond from Ubisoft - after serving in the Marine Corps, the soldier was accepted into the Secret Agency. Now, the Guardian uses not only combat skills, but also spy technologies, such as Smart Points, which allow him to see what others cannot notice.

“Training and improvisation are opposites, but Collinn McKinley’s“ Guardian ”somehow manages to combine both.”

In early leaks it was said that the Guardian points giveHe is immune to blinding grenades and allowed to see through the smoke screen. Ubisoft has not yet confirmed these guesses, but hinted that it doesn’t have a simple gadget. Yesterday, Ubisoft uncovered an operative named Gnocca, who knows how to become invisible to cameras and does not leave behind a sound of steps.

Add new operatives with the release of OperationPhantom Sight. The developers have not yet disclosed the details, but, judging by the "road map", players will receive two fighters and improvements for the map "Cafe". Gamers will learn more about Operation Phantom Sight during the Pro League Finals tournament on May 19, which will be broadcast on the official Twitch game channel.