Japanese 5G base stations will be able to remotely charge mobile devices

Nikkei reported that Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank has begun testing a new

technology that will allow the use of basic5G stations for wireless charging of electronic wearable devices. The technology solution is being developed in collaboration with specialists from Kyoto University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of Japan.

Dedicated wirelesstransmitters that will work in conjunction with 5G base stations. SoftBank has already begun upgrading more than 200,000 4G base stations, which will also support 5G mobile networks. These stations will be able to remotely charge mobile devices of passing users from the beginning of next year.

Signal strength is limited to 1 milliwatt in order toprevent the negative impact of this energy on the human body. Currently, charging can be carried out at a distance of 10 meters, but in the near future it is planned to increase this distance to 100 meters. This method will allow you to charge the batteries of smart watches, fitness bracelets, headphones, and the like. In addition, the technology can be used to work with implants and various electronic tags.

At the moment, the use of such technology inJapan is banned to avoid possible interference with the signals of various government agencies. SoftBank said the new solution will hit the mass market in 2025.

Source: nikkei

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